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Wild West Village 10 Hidden Secrets of the West Village

1. Vegan Burger! Corner Bistro West Village institution for tourists and locals, famous for its burgers, beer and fires has just released a veggie and vegan burger. Is so secret that it has redacted “vegan” on the menu with a black stripe! Oh & if you're ever short of a charge, ports are available as you sit by the window.


2. Crispy Chicken! EN Japanese Brassiere, on Hudson St at LeRoy as a large and sometimes family-style Japanese restaurant. Whilst the main area is large enough to house a tree and a operate kitchen counter, the best tables for sake flights and bites are the up top tables by the bar. The large windows make the area beautiful place to sit no matter what the weather. Foodwise, pro tip is the lemon spiced salty chicken for $16 (a delivery favorite on Caviar I'm also told). Lastly, keep a look at for the monthly chef's choice kitchen counter offers surprise menus where Chef Abe will cook up several dishes of his choice for $160. They book out months in advance so keep your eyes peeled. 


3. Fairfax breakfast, ever sat with your laptop in a cafe for the owner to huff and puff at you for the amount of time you’ve been there sipping on your matcha? Fairfax has taken the Apple Store approach where you can sit at the tables, or at the bar or on the couches as long as you like and get your work done. The place turns into a mini-office or living room during the day and sit and work and drink and eat as long as you like. Doubles at networking places as well. Good for contacts! 


4. Little Branch hideaway speakeasy - skip the menu and go for the bartenders choice, ask for vodka, gin or tequila/mezcal base. Last night Bleecker Street Beat who was on reconnaissance for Wild West Village was treated to a beautiful cocktail made up of vodka and ginger, and he whipped up a  cocktail with vodka, mint, ginger, sugar, seltzer, and rose water.


5. The Little Owl stoop and stair - It can be hard going getting a table at the Little Owl on Bedford. A favorite for all because its frontage is the establishing shot for the TV show Friends. But if you're stopping by just for wine and maybe a few bites, the mini-staircase just inside the door makes a perfect spot to sit and enjoy a vino or two - comes with seating cusions. 


6. Bills Bar and Burger Boozy Shakes - Bills apart from its regular menu of burgers and beer offers (off-menu) adult drinks including; Oreo Jack Daniels Shake! Jameson Irish Whiskey milkshake with coffee! Vallila Ice Cream with bourbon or Vanilla Ice Cream with Ketal One Ice Cream. Perfect adulating fun! 


7. Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream - Not an actual secret but if you go during the day you'll miss the long lines and get the best ice cream in New York City without the wait! (you just have to work out how to tell your boss you're leaving early for the day!).


8. Via Carota - the beautiful restaurant and bar on Grove St has a hidden private dining space off to the left of the main room. The great part it's not to cut off from the room so you still get the ambiance and sound waves of a happening place. A perfect place for parties and uber bunches.


9. Free fashion shows and champagne on Bleecker -  Hang out at Bleecker St up from Christopher and you're bound to fall on a fashion event open to public providing free champagne and chance to hang with models and instagrammers. Always check the Kate Spade and Bookmarc websites for event listings.


10. The Wild West Village Cap - They are out and about around the West Village in the bars, on the streets and still a secret! Get yours here

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