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Week of September 7th

"Whip it"

Rivera Cafe on 7th Ave and West 4th closed down its dusty doors on the 31st August. The home to many a dive bar night and Boston Red Socks games Rivera have left a note on their door that the rising rents the bar/restaurant just wasn't sustainable anymore. The Rivera has been open since the 30's in the Village and many will be sad to see it go. What comes next is anybody's guess but the space has awesome potential. There is an upstairs bar, downstairs and of course the outdoor seating along 7th and quieter area on 4th. So get on to your rich cousin in Florida and open that bar you always talk about! I vote for a roller disco upstairs and bowling alley bar downstairs. 


"No photos please"

The Waverley Inn home to many celebrity sightings and beautiful dinners holds once a month wine events for a flat fee plus tax and tip. You can check here as the events pop up. Previous events have included Truffles and Rose in the Garden, White Bordeaux with Caviar and Oysters and many more. Oh, and there's a no gramming policy here!


"Where the steaks have no name"

Hogsalt all the way from Chicago who gave us the treat of 4 Charles Prime Rib, the 36 seat steak and supper club. 4 Charles can be fairly elusive to get into for any sitting, most nights bookings are made a month in a advance. Alas they've just added in midnight sittings, so you might just have a chance to impress your SO only if they can stay awake past 12am! Bookings made here on Resy 


"War is over, give bread a chance"

Bread seems to have a bad reputation of late due its glutenous nature. But if you're looking for a great tasting loaf, try Hudson on High St on Hudson St. They offer taste defining bread with most of their meals or order it as a separate. Its baked on the premises with its ingredients coming from New England and paired with a creamy butter. The bread is so good they also supply Untitled in the Whitney Museum and Gunter Seeger a few doors down. You won't regret even if you are a no-carb type of person.  


"Corner Shop"

The old Duet space on 7th Ave and Barrow which moved to Brooklyn has been empty for sometime now. Signs have just gone up over the weekend that Le Masion de Makato will be taking over the venue in the not too distance future. It was an odd shaped building but the view from the top floor were always spectacular. Looking forward to the top floor dining experince.


"But first coffee"

As reported in our Fall restaurant preview Pisellino from Buvette, Via Carota fame will land on 7th Ave and Grove in November. The space is perfectly located on the corner, so expect long lines for coffee at 7am!


"The wedding singer"

Ever had that discussion, "need to find a venue for a wedding reception in the West Village"? I have it all the time! I was asked that question last weekend at Blue Ribbon Wine Bar on Downing St. I only have one answer and it the guest count is lower than 40 then Palma on Cornelia St has a beautiful covered garden out the back of their restaurant.. They also have two indoor levels atop the out door seating. Beautiful plants and lighting make it a magical space. The garden is also opening for dining when there is no bookings are in place.  


"Fashion, turn to the left"

Fashion week starts today 7th September, many events are invite only but for public events listing you can procure tickets here.

Goorin Brothers the amazing hat / cap shop on Bleecker will be holding an open to the public event from 6pm to 8pm tonight (7th Sept) to celebrate the start Fashion Week. Muddling Memories will be serving complimentry Old Fashions.


"Happy Hour of the Week"

Fig & Olive in Meatpacking District offers Rose Sundays from 6pm - 9pm, with complimentary Rose between rounds. The trick is also to do brunch, roll into Happy Hour at 4pm then into Rose Sunday at 6pm - smart!


"Wild West Village - Merch!"

We have limited quantities of our Wild West Village cap in our store, you might have already seen them around the bars in the Village. Use our fashion week code "WWVFW" for $5 off till then end of Fashion Week. Enjoy! 


Week of September 18th

Fall Restaurant Preview - 2017